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Minecraft™ Quilt Pattern Tutorial

Minecraft™ Quilt Pattern Tutorial | Little Fabric Shop Sewing Tutorial

Minecraft™ – the beloved game of kids and the cause of confusion for adults. What is it about this game that kids flock to? The fantasy world of Minecraft™ captivates the imagination of gamers as they create castles, farms, mining tracks and so much more. For quilters, it is the perfect design! Pixels and blocks make for fun and easy sewing. Here at Little Fabric Shop, we have put together a tutorial on how to create a Creeper face quilt with a PDF download. And… we have even created a Minecraft™ Creeper Fabric Bundle Kit to make this project super quick and super easy!


Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Minecraft™ Creeper Quilt


PDF DOWNLOAD: Minecraft™ Quilt Pattern Tutorial


Minecraft Quilt Details 

This quilt’s finished size in 63” x 63” which makes for a great throw. Perfect for wrapping around any gamer while facing the Minecraft universe. The quilt is beginner friendly, but assumes basic knowledge of piecing, basting, quilting, and binding. Use a ¼” seam allowance throughout the entire pattern. All fabric requirements are based off a 44” width of fabric. Dimensions are written height x width throughout the instructions.
We have used the following abbreviations – WOF = Width of Fabric, RSF = Right Side of Fabric and WSF = Wrong Side of Fabric.
We also recommend before starting this project – as with any project – read all the directions. This extra step saves so much time in the long run and hopefully, reduce your “quality time” with your seam ripper!


Sewing Materials Needed for Quilt


Quilt Kit from Little Fabric Shop: Minecraft Creeper Quilt Bundle
Front of Quilt Green Fabric: 176 assorted solid green fabric charm squares (5” x 5” each) --or-- 15 assorted solid green fabric fat quarters (18” x 22” each)
Front of Quilt Black Fabric: 20 solid black fabric charm squares (5” x 5” each) --or-- 1/2-yard solid black fabric
Binding Fabric: 1/2-yard solid black fabric
Quilt Backing Fabric & Batting: 4 yards each
You will also need basic sewing supplies including your Sewing Machine, Ruler, Scissors, Rotary Cutter, Mat, and Pins.


Fabric Sides

Use the guide below for all diagrams to indicate the appropriate sides of fabric when sewing.

Creeper Quilt Fabric Sids


Minecraft™ Block Cutting Table

Follow the cutting size information in table below.

Minecraft Cutting Information


Quilt Block Layout Diagram

The diagram below shows how all the blocks are laid-out. Use either a design wall or your floor to completely layout all the green and black 5” x 5” squares. Randomly place the greens by color to give a pixelated look.
The layout is 14 rows by 14 rows and requires 196 (5” x 5”) blocks in total. 20 black blocks and 176 green blocks in various colors.
Once blocks are completely laid out - stack them into horizontal rows and label each row by number as indicated in the diagram on page 3. This step will help you stay organized as you begin sewing.

Minecraft Quilt Block Layout Diagram


Step 1: Begin Sewing Blocks

Begin sewing your rows horizontally starting with Row # 1 as shown below.

Creeper Quilt Step 1 Sewing Picture
Continue sewing all your horizontal rows one row at a time until all 14 horizontal rows are finished. As shown in diagram below.

Step 1 Sewing Guide - Creeper Quilt


Step 2: Press Seams to Nest Quilt Block Corners

Press your seams row by row in opposite directions. This will allow you to “nest” your corners together easily to create perfect corners. To begin, lay Row 1 WSF up so that the seams show. With a hot iron, press all the seams to the LEFT. For the next Row 2 with WSF up, press all the seams to the RIGHT.

Minecraft Quilt Block Pressing Diagram
Continue this pressing method for the remaining rows, alternating between LEFT and RIGHT pressing as you go along.

Creeper Quilt Pressing Guide


Step 3: How to Nest Quilt Block Corners

Now you will begin to join the horizontal rows together. Lay Horizontal Row 1 on top of Horizontal Row 2 with RSF facing each other.

Minecraft Quilt Diagram
Next, by lining up each blocks seam with each other, the pressed seams from either side of the rows will nest neatly into the fabric. Pin to hold each seam corner together. You will have lined up a total of 13 corners in all.
Below is a side visual of a nested corner from the side.

Nested Seam Diagram

Step 4: Sew Quilt Block Rows Together

Sew the two rows together with a 1/4” seam allowance. Press seams in same direction. In example below, the seams are pressed up.

Nesting Rows Guide
Continue sewing row-by-row until all the rows are sewn. Press finished seams in the same direction.

Minecraft Quilt


Congratulations! Your quilt top is finished!


To finish this quilt, baste, quilt, and bind however you like. We used the “Stitch in the Ditch” quilting method for ours so that the pixel blocks really stood out.



We would love to see how your finished block turned out!  Tag us on Instagram.


Due to copyright and trademark rights, this pattern is for personal use only. It is offered as a free pattern with the intention that it will not be made into items to be sold. Little Fabric Shop is not affiliated with Minecraft™ or Microsoft Corporation in any way. We are just fans.

Finished Minecraft Quilt

We hope that you have enjoyed this quick – and hopefully fun – Minecraft Quilt Tutorial! If you have any feedback on this pattern or would like us to create other tutorials, please let us know. We love hearing from you. Happy Sewing!


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