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Minecraft Creeper Quilt Fabric Bundle


Minecraft™ – the beloved game of kids and the cause of confusion for adults. What is it about this game that kids flock to? The fantasy world of Minecraft™ captivates the imagination of gamers as they create castles, farms, mining tracks and so much more. For quilters, it is the perfect design! Pixels and blocks make for fun and easy sewing. Here at Little Fabric Shop, we have put together a Creeper Quilt Fabric Bundle.

We also have a Minecraft™ Creeper Quilt Pattern Tutorial! This step-by-step guide is also included with the kit.

This bundle will create a 63" x 63" Minecraft™ Creeper Throw sized quilt. This bundle has been designed to provide the fabric materials for the Little Fabric Shop's Creeper Quilt Pattern Tutorial (link above).

This quilt tutorial is beginner friendly and assumes basic knowledge of piecing, basting, quilting, and binding.


Fabric Included in Minecraft Creeper Quilt Fabric Bundle:

Front of Quilt Green Fabric: 176 assorted Cotton Supreme green fabrics cut to 5" x 5" in size

Front of Quilt Black Fabric: 20 Cotton Supreme Black squares cut to 5" x 5" in size

Binding Fabric: 1/2 yard Cotton Supreme Black

Backing Fabric: 4 yards Cotton Supreme Black

Printed Creeper Quilt Pattern Tutorial: Included

Color Card: Included

Batting: Not Included