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11 Easy Fat Quarter Quilts and Projects for 2022

11 Easy Fat Quarter Quilts and Projects for 2022 | Little Fabric Shop Blog

Fat Quarters are one of the most common fabric cuts in quilting and sewing. This popular sized fabric has led to many beginner quilting patterns and sewing projects. We love the versatility of this fabric cut and have created a blog post dedicated to fat quarter quilting and sewing projects.


What is a Fat Quarter?


So, what exactly is a fat quarter? A fat quarter is a ¼ yard of fabric, but instead of cutting it 9” x 44” this fabric is cut to an 18” x 22” size.

Traditional 1/4 Yard Cut vs. Fat Quarter Fabric


This cut allows many different shape sizes due to this larger surface space. It is an excellent way to get the most out of your fabric. As a fat quarter is a specialty cut, it usually is slightly more expensive than a typical ¼ yard and you will need to ask for this cut specifically when ordering online or at a fabric shop.


Fat Quarter Quilt Projects


There are many fat quarter quilt patterns. Last year we shared some of our favorites on the blog here - 11 Beginner Fat Quarter Quilt Patterns To Try Now. We have added even more to our growing list of quilting fun. All these quilt patterns are beginner friendly and utilize fat quarters.


1. Book Nerd | Angela Pingel Designs

The Book Nerd quilt pattern is for a person who loves to read. This cozy quilt will wrap you up in warmth and comfort as you settle into a good book. This lap sized quilt utilizes 20 fat quarters and will work great with a pre-made fat quarter bundle or with your own favorite fabric combinations.

Book Nerd Quilt Pattern | Angela Pingel Designs


2. Backyard Party Quilt | Then Came June

We have made quite a few Then Came June quilt patterns. They are very easy to follow, and we love the modern look of the quilts that utilize traditional quilting techniques. The Backyard Party quilt pattern offers four different quilt size options. The repetitive quilt blocks make it a great pattern for someone new to quilting.

Backyard Party Quilt Pattern | Then Came June


3. Joyful Stars | Cotton and Joy Patterns

Any quilt pattern that is designed around joy is one we want to try! The Joyful Stars quilt pattern offers many different fat quarter sewing options. This quilt can be scrappy, or a lovely themed quilt through color and fabric selection. Red, white, and blue for the 4th of July, Memorial Day or the armed forces. Red and green for the holidays and even rainbow for birthdays or kids. This fun quilt pattern has four different quilt size options.

Joyful Stars Quilt Pattern | Cotton and Joy Patterns


4. Preppy the Whale | Elizabeth Hartman

So, this is just about the cutest quilt pattern ever! The Preppy the Whale quilt is both beginner friendly and fat quarter friendly. What’s not to love about that?!!??! This quilt definitely represents the fashion of the 1980’s without the Aqua Net hairspray and shoulder pad jackets. If you’re looking for a fun pattern to make and not sure who to make it for – we’ll take it!

Preppy the Whale Quilt Pattern | Elizabeth Hartman


5. Glowing | Quilty Love

The Glowing quilt pattern is from another one of our favorite pattern designers – Quilty Love. Have you followed her on Instagram @emily_dennis_? Such a fun and inspiring account. This beginner fat quarter quilt pattern offers three different size options. The blocks are simple and just perfect for someone new to quilting.

Glowing Quilt Pattern | Quilty Love 


6. Inkling | Patchwork & Poodles

The Inkling quilt pattern is another beginner fat quarter quilt pattern that utilizes traditional block and piecing techniques while incorporating modern design. This pattern will work great with a pre-made fat quarter bundle. Let someone do the color and pattern selection work for you so you can sit back and enjoy the sewing process.

Inkling Quilt Pattern | Patchwork & Poodles


Fat Quarter Sewing Projects


While Fat Quarter sized fabrics are typically associated with quilting, they are also great for other sewing projects. There are many fat quarter beginning patterns and tutorials. Here are a few simple ones to try-out.


7. Headbands

We designed this Headband sewing tutorial with the beach in mind. This headband works great for holding your hair in place and protecting your scalp from the sun. It is also perfect for hiding a little bedhead or adding a little fun to an outfit.

Beach Headband | Little Fabric Shop Sewing Tutorial


8. Cloth Napkins

The Cloth Napkins tutorial was inspired by Earth Day. These fun napkins require just two fat quarters and a little bit of sewing and pressing. They are fast project. There are so many ways to use this pattern – create napkins for a themed party, holiday, hostess gift or just for fun.

Fat Quarter Earth Day Napkin Tutorial | Little Fabric Shop Sewing Tutorial


9. Scrunchies

Another hair accessory beginner fat quarter friendly sewing project. The Scrunchie project is a fast make. These hairbands make great gifts and are nice to have on hand when you need to pull your hair up and out of the way.

Scrunchie Tutorial | Little Fabric Shop Sewing Tutorial 


10. Placemats

Want to practice your quilting skills, but not make the time investment of creating an entire quilt? Placemats are the way to go. They utilize all of the quilting making skills on a very small scale. This Placemat tutorial is basically a mini-quilt. Pull-out your favorite fat quarters from your stash and let’s get sewing!

Spring Placemats Sewing Tutorial | Little Fabric Shop


11. DIY Sleep Mask

We love this DIY Sleep Mask tutorial from Apple Green Cottage. The fat quarter friendly masks are a great make for travel – or napping at work. Pair a fat quarter with some flannel fabric for a cozy sleeping mask.

DIY Sleep Mask Sewing Tutorial | Apple Green Cottage 


There are so many beginner fat quarter sewing and quilting projects to enjoy. If you are new to quilting or would like to give it a try, check out our 15 Must Have Quilting Tools for Beginners blog post for a list of notions to help get you started. We love seeing your work! Please tag us on Instagram so we can share your projects with our sewing community. Happy Sewing!


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