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Dashwood Studio

Wonderful Christmas Time Advent Panel | Dashwood Studio | Sewing DIY Advent Calendar Panel


The Wonderful Christmas Time fabric collection from Dashwood Studio brings all the magic of Christmas to our home. Each fabric is filled with the cheer of the holidays. Santa Claus getting ready for his Christmas Eve adventure, winter animals playing in the forest, presents that are ready for the tree, and adorable winter sceneries of cozy cottages, driving adventures, and all the fun of this time of year!

Looking for the perfect way to countdown to Christmas? Look no further than the Dashwood advent panel! Made from 100% cotton, it's the ideal spot for hiding yummy chocolates or tiny gifts. Show your love with this whimsical advent calendar from Dashwood studios.


Product Information:

Collection: Wonderful Christmas Time
Designer: Jane Farnham
Manufacturer: Dashwood Studio 
Fabric Type: Quilter's Weight
Fabric Width: 43" 
Panel Length: 32"
Finished Calendar Size: 27" W x 29" H
Fiber Content: 100% Cotton


Additional Supplies Needed:

1 yard Quilting Cotton Backing Fabric
1 yard Cotton Batting
¼ yard Quilting Cotton Binding


Manufacturer Washing Instructions:

Machine wash cold/tumble dry low prior to sewing. Spot clean or dry clean when completed.


Cutting Information:

This panel will be cut in continuous panel segments. Each panel will be approximately 32" x 43". You will receive one complete Advent Calendar Panel to complete sewing project.