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Cotton Street Commons

The Gathering Apron | Apron Pattern


The Gathering Apron is just perfect to showcase your favorite fabrics. The ties go around the neck, through casings and tie at the waist. No knots or bows on your neck. The ties are long, so if you like to wrap and tie in front, you can. There are two pockets. The first is perfect for your large cell phone. The second is made for gathering. It is wide and deep and Velcro's shut. When you fill it, the large pleat gives you a ton of room.

Apron Size : 34" Long- size is adjustable

Fabric Requirements:
Main Body: 1 Yard
Large Pocket: 3/4 Yard
Casings: 1/3 Yard
Small Pocket: 14” x 8”
Ties: 1/3 Yard
Canvas: 1/3 Yard
Velcro: 2”

Cover apron uses 3 Fabrics, First - Main Body Second - Large Pockets and Casings Third - Ties and Small Pocket -- MIX AND MATCH YOUR FABRICS

Designer: Cotton Street Commons

Skill Level: Confident Beginner

Pattern Return Policy: There are no refunds for patterns.