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Then Came June

Sienna Burst Quilt | Quilt Pattern | Then Came June


The Sienna Burst Quilt Pattern is inspired by the desert, where I grew up. It is a play on gems, starry skies and adobe windows. It is the perfect quilt pattern to mix and match your favorite FQs or the newest line you love. The wall hanging is the perfect size and creates a fun secondary pattern.

This pattern is for ambitious beginners or intermediate skilled quilters. The pattern assumes quilter has made a few quilts previously and has knowledge of basic piecing and can use consistent 1/4" seam allowances.

The pattern requires FQs and yardage of background fabric.

Walling Hanging Size: 36" x 36"

Large Throw Size: 68" x 68" 

Designer: Then Came June 

Skill Level: Intermediate

Pattern Return Policy: There are no refunds for patterns.