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Paintbrush Studio

Sew Together Bag Sewing Kit | Sketchbook Fabric | Paintbrush Studios


This kit contains all of the materials and zippers needed to create a Sew Together Bag using the pattern from SewDemented™. This kit will require you to purchase the Sew Together Bag Pattern by SewDemented™ for the cutting dimensions & sewing instructions. Fabric in kit is not pre-cut to pattern required sizes. The Sew Together Bag Pattern is available for purchase at the Little Fabric Shop. Additionally, this kit does not include materials to create the optional Pincushion & Needle Landing.


Items Included in Sewing Kit:

Exterior & Interior Fabrics: 6 Quilters Weight Fabrics from the Sketchbook Fabric Collection - Paintbrush Studios
Pocket Lining Fabric: Cloud 9 Cirrus Cotton Fabric
Woven Fusible Interfacing
9" Nylon Zippers - Quantity 3
18" Nylon Zipper - Quantity 1

NOTE: Exterior fabric is from a panel piece. Fabric will be slightly varied from sample bag. See panel below:

Sketchbook Doodles 36 inch Panel


Sew Together Bag Pattern:

This kit does not include the Sew Together Bag Pattern. It is available in the shop here: Sew Together Bag Pattern

Sew Together Bag Pattern | Little Fabric Shop