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LDH Scissors

Prism Scissor Gift Set


Item Description:

A package full of rainbow-colored happiness in a beautiful gift box! These Prism scissors go through a process called electroplating, which fuses a metal coating on the scissors and creates the prism color effect; every pair of scissors has the inside of the blade manually covered so they are not coated. This ensures that the scissors are perfectly aligned and improves the sharpness of the blade.


Set Includes:

  • 9.5” Prism Fabric Shear
  • 9” Prism Pinking Shear
  • Prism Thread Snip



Handcrafted from industrial stainless steel.


Recommended Use:

These shears are LDH's most popular fabric shears. They're loved by sewists, quilters, fiber artists, and crafters of all kinds! They can cut through multiple layers of fabric, leather, fleece, vinyl, denim, and other dense materials.