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Alison Glass & Giucy Giuce

Alison Glass + Giucy Giuce Mini Series | Rainbow


As makers we like to leave our mark on what we create by adding a touch that is all our own. But what about the things we use every day? With the Mini Series, turn those items into something extraordinary. Embellish a pin cushion with a tiny pineapple block, add a row of tiny geese to a pencil pouch, surprise a friend with a needle book adorned with a classic courthouse step block. No matter the size, everything we create can make a statement.


Pattern Details:

This pattern uses the foundation paper piecing technique. It includes a mini block template and detailed foundation paper piecing instructions. The cover block finishes at 4", however, the template allows for a range of finished sizes between approximately 1" and 7".


Pattern Designers:

Alison Glass & Giucy Giuce


Skill Level:

Advanced Beginner with Knowledge of Foundation Paper Piecing Technique


Violet Craft Seam Roller:

The perfect tool for Foundation Paper Piecing! 

Violet Seam Roller | Foundation Paper Piecing Tool