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Carolina Moore

Gift Bag Pattern | Carolina Moore


This gift bag is perfect for repeat use! Choose your favorite fabrics to make it even more special. Included instructions cover fabric and ribbon handles, with the final size of 8" x 5" x 13". You'll need medium-weight stabilizer and the Boxed Bag Template to complete this easy pattern. This pattern is printed on 5x7 glossy cardstock and does not come with a pattern bag.

Fabric Requirements: 

  • Outer Fabric: 1/2 yard -or- 2 Fat Quarters
  • Inner Fabric: 1/2 yard -or- 2 Fat Quarters
  • Handles: 1 yard 1" wide Ribbon -or- Twill Tape
  • Interfacing: 1/2 yard -or- 2 Fat Quarters

Finished Size: 8" x 5" x 13"

Designer: Carolina Moore

Skill Level: Intermediate

Pattern Return Policy: There are no refunds for patterns. 

Boxed Bag Template:

Boxed Bag Template | Little Fabric Shop

Twill Tape: