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Cotton+Steel Fabrics

Fuwafuwa-San No Bokujo - 5" Charm Pack | Cotton + Steel - 42 Fabrics


Fabric Information:

This 5" Stacker precut bundle includes 42 pieces from the Fuwafuwa-San No Bokujo fabric collection. The fresh & bright colors of this Hitomi Osumi collection, brings an instant burst of happiness. The fabrics create a lively world of eye-catching characters, scenes, and textures, all filled with fun, captivating colors!


Product Information:

Collection: Fuwafuwa-San No Bokujo
Designer: Hitomi Osumi
Manufacturer: Cotton + Steel Fabrics
Fabric Type: Quilter's Weight
Charm Pack Fabric Size: 5" x 5"
Fiber Content: 100% Cotton
Number of Charm Pack Fabrics in Bundle: 42


Manufacturer Washing Instructions:

The dyes in these fabrics are reactive dyes; therefore, colors are stable and will not release any excess dye. Pre-washing is not necessary. If you choose to pre-wash, wash in cold water and damp dry. Complete the drying process by air drying. This washing and drying method will retain the finish of the fabric and will meet the standards of quilters who do not want to pre-wash fabrics, and those who do.