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Fineline® Glue Tips | Glue Basting


Take your piecing up-a-notch with Fineline® Glue Tips!

Using glue instead of pins for sewing greatly increases accuracy in your piecing. No more misaligned seams, chopped off points, stopping to remove pins, or fabric shifting around while sewing.

The Fineline® Glue Tips are specially made with quilters in mind. Experience controlled, precise glue placement with the stainless steel 18 gauge applicator. Each glue tip uses an air-tight, non-clogging wire cap closure system that insures that the glue tip is always ready for immediate use.

The Fineline® Glue Tip fits a 4 oz. bottle of Washable Elmer's Glue.

Product dimensions: 2.75 inches (H) x 1 inch (L) x 1 inch (W)

Two Fineline® Glue Tips ae included with each order.