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Then Came June

Color Chaos Quilt | Quilt Pattern | Then Came June


The Color Chaos Pattern is designer's - Then Came June - love song to color and how it moves together and intertwines. The pattern plays with either a moving gradient or a bold solid design option. Included are fabric labels, a detailed coloring page, inspiration mock ups and a SQST trimming video tutorial!

This pattern requires intermediate quilting knowledge. The pattern assumes quilter has knowledge of accurate cutting, straight line piecing and can use consistent 1/4" seam allowances.

The pattern requires F8, FQ, 1/4 yard, 1/2 yard for the Color Explosion option depending on size and yardage for the Modern Solid design.

Baby Size: 44" x 44"
Throw Size: 72" x 72"
Bed Size: 100" x 100" 

Designer: Then Came June 

Skill Level: Intermediate

Pattern Return Policy: There are no refunds for patterns.