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Winter Quilting Patterns and Styles

Winter Quilting Patterns, Styles and Projects
Quilt Pattern: Up North by Pen + Paper Patterns


The absolute best time of year is here! We’re talking cold, crisp, snowy weather, sweet snuggles under hand-sewn quilts, and home-made holiday treats for all. We hope you’re getting ready to put your stockings up on the mantle, because we’ve had ours hanging since...October.

With this special time of year in mind, we wanted to give you some new winter quilting patterns and beautiful holiday fabrics to try this holiday season. Read on for our favorites!


Our Favorite Winter Blocks 


There are so many fun, creative ways to celebrate the holiday season with quilting and crafting. Every year we see new patterns, festive fabric collections, and style trends within the quilting community. And, of course, we still love the traditional favorites, like snowflakes and pine trees!  Here are some of our favorite winter-themed pattern blocks. Which have you tried?




Ornate Star Quilt Block Tutorial

Ornate Star Block Tutorial | Little Fabric Shop


Stars are a classic holiday block that we absolutely love. But there are many ways you can approach this design idea to give it a fresh edge. 

Try creating one giant star out of many smaller star blocks! Mix up your design by incorporating fun color concepts and trendier fabrics. You’re sure to love white and blue color schemes all winter long. And red and green will definitely match many of your other favorite decor items. But what about experimenting? Mix in some unexpected holiday colors like soft pink, warm browns, and bright blues for a funkier feel! We really love the Snow Much Fun Collection from Dashwood Studio, which features fun colors and prints in half-yard bundle and fat quarter bundle options.

Another design concept we’re loving is mixing an array of stars of all different colors and patterns. Choose a handful of colors and patterns and mix and match for a fresh new take on a classic holiday style. This fun winter quilting pattern will look like a holiday mosaic! 

Want to make the Ornate Star Quilt Block in the picture above?


Here's a link to a Little Fabric Shop Tutorial: Ornate Star Quilt Block Tutorial


Flying Geese


Jawbreaker Quilt Pattern | Then Came June Patterns

Jawbreaker Quilt Pattern | Then Came June


We’re just crazy about flying geese quilt blocks. This pattern is a bit less traditional and definitely lends itself to interesting color and fabric choices. How about a modern, gray-and silver-toned holiday quilt? This Dashwood Ditsies fabric from Dashwood Studio features plenty of holiday whimsy in a less predictable color palette. Because winter quilting patterns don’t have to be in-your-face to be festive!



A holiday season isn’t complete without some snowflakes. This pattern block concept is an absolute classic. There are many ways you can approach this design concept, but we think the color palette can have a real impact.

Inkling Quilt Pattern | Patchwork and Poodles

Inkling Quilt Pattern | Patchwork & Poodles 


Solid, Single-Color Snowflake Quilt

Want a simple take on the classic snowflake quilt? The 1-color snowflake design concept is perfect for beginner quilters and means you’ll choose one solid base color and one solid color for your snowflake. We have plenty of beautiful, high-quality solid quilting fabrics in our shop to choose from! Less fabric variety means it will be easier to map out your pattern and cut out your blocks. 

For maximum impact, try choosing black or white for your background and make your snowflake a bright, solid color! How about a bold emerald green or tomato red?


Patterned, 3-Color Snowflake Quilt

Ready to up the ante? For more experienced quilters with a trained eye and shears at the ready, incorporating more colors and patterns is a cinch. Choose one solid color for your background and mix in 2 or 3 accent colors and patterns for your snowflake quilt pattern. You could also try using your patterned fabrics for the background and leaving your snowflakes a solid color. The possibilities are truly endless. 

We love pairing more subdued, smaller-scale prints like Deck the Halls Red or Yule Town Green  from Riley Blake Designs with this type of intricate pattern block.



Retro Ornaments | Lo and Behold Stitchery

Retro Ornaments Quilt Pattern | Lo & Behold Stitchery


Ornaments don’t just belong on the tree! They also look great in winter quilting patterns. We love this Lo and Behold Stitchery Retro Ornaments Pattern because it screams holidays but also gives you the opportunity to use unexpected fabrics. 


Christmas Trees

You can’t go wrong with a Christmas tree pattern block! 


Santa in the Trees Quilt Pillow | Ahhh Quilting

Santa in the Trees Quilt Pattern | Ahhh Quilting


We’ve seen so many fun versions of a Christmas Tree quilt, but our favorite is the ‘Santa among the trees” design concept. Each quilt block is an evergreen tree, but somewhere on the quilt you’ll sneak a little Santa Claus that’s the same shape as one of your Christmas trees! Santa is usually done in a red color fabric, while the trees are traditionally green. This makes Santa really POP!

Kids and grandkids will love finding Santa on your quilt on Christmas morning, so this is a fantastic design for family heirloom quilts! After all, quilting is all about building lasting memories with family and friends.


Falling Leaves


Geometric Leaf Foundation Paper Piecing Block | Center Street Quilts

Geometric Leaf Foundation Paper Piecing Quilt Block | Center Street Quilts


Winter quilting patterns don’t have to be all about snow and Christmas spirit. What about honoring the transition of seasons with a Falling Leaves quilt? This quilt block design gives you so many options for winter vibes without the played-out color palette. If red, green, and gold just aren’t your cup of holiday tea, try this pattern.

Incorporate pinks and peaches with the fluttering falling leaves in Golden Aster from Riley Blake Design. This fabric has a beautiful navy, pink, and yellow pallete, set upon a pale grey background. Perfect for more modern quilters.

We also love falling leaves quilts that feature the Hibernate Collection from Dashwood Studio. It’s teal, gold and tangerine palette mixed with woodland creature illustrations has us falling in love with quilts our customer’s have made using this bundle!


Winter Quilting Patterns and Fabrics You’ll Love Each Year

The holiday season is the perfect time of year for winter quilting patterns that will keep you warm, cozy, and cheery all season long. 

We’ve shown you some of our favorite classic block styles and some ways you can mix them up with our fresh, modern fabrics. 

Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram this season as we’ll be showing you more winter-themed fabrics and crafty new ways you can flex your creativity this winter season. 

And no matter what style you plan to create this year, be sure to check out our guide on quilt batting for your holiday quilting projects!


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