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Valentine Mug Rug Pattern

Valentine Mug Rug Pattern from Little Fabric Shop
Here is a quick and easy pattern to create a Heart Mug Rug. This pattern uses the Foundation Paper Piecing technique to create the heart. There are two templates included with this project. This free pattern is perfect for creating gifts for family and friends - and for yourself too!

Valentine’s Day Foundation Paper Piecing Heart Mug Rug Pattern


PDF Download: Valentine Mug Rug Pattern


Project Details:

Finished Size: H: 7” x W: 7”

Difficulty: Beginner, with understanding of Foundation Paper Piecing Technique

Seam Allowance: 1/4” throughout pattern

Dimensions: are written height x width throughout instructions.


Project Materials:

Two 10” x 10” (Layer Cake Size) Background Fabric in Quilters Weight Cotton fabric.

Two additional scrap fabric colors that are large enough to cover each Valentine Template sections.

One 10” x 10” Fusible Fleece.

1/4” light weight two-sided fusible tape - 15” in length.

Required Supplies:

Ruler, Scissors, Rotary Cutter, Pins, Chopstick or Pointed Tool, Color Pens or Pencils, Add-a-Quarter Ruler or Quilting Ruler, and Seam Roller (optional).


Fabric Sides Information:


Fabric Sides | Valentine Mug Rug Pattern


Cutting Information:

Top Fabric

Complete Heart Foundation Paper Piecing. There are two templates in attached PDF to choose from. Pick one and use the foundation paper piecing technique to create. This will be the TOP FABRIC of the Mug Rug.

Bottom Fabric & Fusible Fleece

Cut to H: 7.5” x W: 7.5” dimensions


Step 1:

Iron Fusible Fleece to WRONG Side of Top Fabric.


Step 2:

Place RIGHT SIDE of both Front & Back fabric together so that the WRONG SIDE of both fabrics are facing outward.

Valentine Mug Rug Diagram | Little Fabric Shop


Step 3:

Align all sides of fabric evenly. Pin to hold in place. Leave a 3” gap on one of the sides of fabric as this space will not be sewn.

Valentine Mug Rug Diagram | Little Fabric Shop

Step 4:

Sew along edge of fabric with 1/4” seam allowance. DO NOT SEW in 3” space marked by pins. Backstitch at beginning and end of seam.

Valentine Mug Rug Diagram | Little Fabric Shop

Step 5:

Using 1/4” light weight two-sided fusible tape, stick along open space in-line with sewn seam.

Valentine Mug Rug Diagram | Little Fabric Shop

Remove backing & press seams open. Repeat on other side.



Turn fabric RIGHT SIDE OUT by pulling interior fabric out through 3” gap. Use pointed tool to push out corners. Press fabric to remove creases from turning.



Sew two top-stitch seams along border of mug rug. The first seam will have a 1/8” seam allowance from the edge of fabric. The second seam will be 1/4” away from the first seam. Increase your stitch length to 3.5” to 4”. Backstitch at the beginning and end of seam.

Valentine Mug Rug Diagram | Little Fabric Shop


Congratulations! You Are Finished!

We would love to see how your mug rug turned out! Tag us on Instagram and use the hashtag #valentinemugrug so we can see your project and you can inspire other makers with your work.

Valentine Mug Rug Pattern | Little Fabric Shop

We hope that you have enjoyed this quick – and hopefully fun – Valentine’s Day Mug Rug Pattern! If you have any feedback on this pattern or would like us to create other tutorials, please let us know. We love hearing from you. Happy Sewing!

Fabric in Pictures: Assorted Cotton + Steel Basics


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