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8 Trendy Fabric Patterns for 2021

8 Trendy Fabric Patterns for 2021

Now that the world is opening up again, it’s time to embrace trendy fabric patterns for 2021 that you can show off in public—besides on face masks! You spent the pandemic perfecting your sewing skills, now you can put them to good use and show the world. Put away your sweatpants, it’s finally time to get yourself and your home dressed to impress.


Trendy Fabrics by the Yard


1. Moody Florals

Moody floral prints are one of the top trendy fabric patterns for 2021, and it’s not hard to see why. Featuring floral motifs in dark and dramatic jewel tones, these prints are gorgeous and look great as part of your home décor. 

Optimistic Cream | Bright Eyes | 108

A great example of this trend is Optimistic - Cream from Anna Maria Horner’s Bright Eyes collection. This eye-catching fabric would look beautiful as a throw pillow or curtains. You could also use it for small upholstery projects, like for the back of a dining chair or the top of a piano bench. Wherever you want a bold accent in your home, use moody florals like Optimistic. 


2. Embroidered Fabric

Trendy design styles like “cottagecore” and “grandmacore” are still going strong in 2021. These styles focus on exceptionally cozy spaces, drawing inspiration from woodsy cottages and traditional styles of decor. That means that crafts like quilting and embroidery are making a huge comeback for people of all ages, and embroidered fabric has soared in popularity.

Sun Print 2020 | Menagerie - Opal | Alison Glass | Andover Fabrics

Not feeling up to doing the embroidery yourself? Fabrics like Menagerie from Alison Glass can give you that embroidered or cross-stitched look, without ever having to pick up an embroidery hoop. This print from the Sun Print 2020 collection comes in 9 different colorways, including Opal (picture above), Pepper, Dahlia, and Tiger.


3. Natural Fabrics

    Natural fabrics are a trendy fabric style for 2021 that also has ties to cottagecore. This trend features light, airy fabrics with interesting textures, often in neutral colors. You’ll often see them paired with other natural materials, like wicker light fixtures or bamboo furniture. 

    Peppered Cottons | Aluminum | Shot Cottons

    If you love this look, try a peppered cotton fabric like Aluminum from Studio E Fabrics. Peppered cottons are created by weaving two different colors of thread, one for the lengthwise direction (the warp) and one for the opposite direction (the weft). This gives the fabric a gorgeous and unique texture, making peppered cottons a great choice for home decor projects.


    4. Metallic Fabrics

    Do you consider yourself a fashionista? Do you love to make your own clothing? Then this trendy fabric pattern for 2021 is for you. Metallic fabrics have been making a big splash on the runway recently, so you can expect to see this very glamorous fabric choice showing up more and more in 2021. Metallics give some shine and sparkle to your sewing projects, bringing them instantly to life.

    Purl | Knit - Water | Ruby Star Society | Moda Fabrics

    Knit - Water from Ruby Star Society’s Purl collection is a perfect example of this trend that you can find in our shop. Made from metallic quilter’s cotton, this fabric would look fabulous in a scarf or a handbag.


    5. Vintage Prints

      This year, the 70s are making a big comeback in everything from clothing to home decor. To dress yourself (or your house) in the latest fashion, look for fabric with bright colors, especially combinations of teal, yellow, and brown.

      Bright Eyes | Picky - Gold | Anna Maria Horner | FreeSpirit Fabrics

      From our shop, we recommend Picky - Gold, another standout from the Bright Eyes Collection. Use this vintage-inspired floral to make fabric laces for your roller-skates, patch up your bell bottoms, or create a disco-worthy dress.


      6. Bright Stripes

        Stripes are in this year, and the brighter the better. Bright stripes are a trendy fabric pattern we are seeing a lot in clothing, but also work great for home decor. Use this type of fabric for pillows, curtains, sundresses...anywhere you want some bold, bright color.

        Kaleidoscope | Stripes - Sunrise | Alison Glass | Andover Fabrics

        Stripes - Sunrise is a great example of this trendy fabric pattern for 2021. This fabric is sure to make any outfit pop. It comes in a rainbow of other colors, too. If reds and yellows aren’t what you’re looking for, try Stripes in Teal, Denim, or Marmalade.


        7. Watercolor Prints

          We love this soft and artistic trendy fabric pattern for 2021. Watercolor prints feature graphics that look like they have been painted onto the fabric. Look for prints with visible “brushstrokes” and somewhat messy, bleeding colors, just like a piece of watercolor artwork.

          Flower Market | Flowerfield - Morning | Conservatory | FreeSpirit Fabrics 

          An example of a watercolor print that The Little Fabric Shop stocks is Flowerfield - Morning, a lovely cotton fabric from the Conservatory Collection by Freespirit Fabrics. This would make a very pretty summer dress or blouse! 


          8. Rainbow

            If you follow a lot of crafters on Instagram, then you have likely seen rainbow quilts take the world by storm this year. No longer just for kids' bedrooms and toys, more sophisticated rainbow patterns have emerged as a trend for anyone looking for some color in their life. 

            Art Theory Collection | Rainbow Feather Night | Alison Glass | Andover Fabrics

            We stock many kinds of rainbow fabric in our shop, but Rainbow Feather Shop by Alison Glass is one of our favorites. If you are looking for a collection of individual rainbow colors for quilting, then Glass’s Hopscotch collection is just what you’re looking for.


            Now that you are up to speed on all the latest trendy fabric patterns for 2021, it’s time to pick some out and get sewing! With one of these fabrics (and any other notions you need), soon you’ll have a completed project that is completely chic. We hope you are ready to get some extra attention!


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