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Top Fabric Styles For Winter 2020

Top Fabric Styles for Winter 2020 Sewing

Wintertime is a magical season. With it, comes the holidays, snow, and, of course, an excuse to stay cozy indoors and sew! Since most of us will be housebound this winter, it’s the perfect time of year to break out your sewing machine and tackle some projects. Of course, that starts with a vision, pattern, and the top fabric styles for winter. If your fabric stash needs an update, here are our favorite winter fabrics to keep you busy all winter long.

The Top Fabric Styles for Winter 2020 and 2021

Holiday Prints

Who can resist an adorable holiday fabric print? At Little Fabric Shop, we’re absolute suckers for these festive and cheerful holiday fabrics. Whether your preferred pattern involves ornaments, dreidels, candy canes, or boughs of holly, these holiday fabrics are perfect for stockings, scarves, holiday baby blankets, and/or Christmas quilts. You can also spread holiday cheer and brighten up a nontraditional season by using holiday prints to create fun festive face masks! You know what they say in the fabric world, ‘tis the season for jolly prints! We say, bring ‘em on.

Liberty of London Christmas Fabric


Winter Prints

While holiday prints are wonderful, they have a short lifespan! If you want to sew a quilt, outfit, or baby blanket that won’t go back into storage on December 26th, there are many winter fabric styles that look beautiful all winter long. 

For example, a snowflake print feels seasonal and festive, without committing to a specific holiday. You can also opt for a print featuring woodland creatures in a wintery color scheme—the perfect way to welcome newborn January babies or spruce up your house during the colder months. Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you have to stay confined to Christmas fabrics. There are many winter fabric styles to choose from that don’t involve Santa Claus or Christmas trees.

Dashwood Studio Hibernate Fabric | Little Fabric Shop


Warm Fabrics

Winter is all about heavier woolens, fleeces, and snuggly fabrics. For projects intended to provide warmth, choose heat-retaining fabrics like wool, fleece, or nylon. Faux-fur accents can also provide insulation while adding oomph to your sewing project. And of course, could this list be complete without flannel? Classic and versatile, flannel is a top winter fabric style this year and every year. Use it for blankets, Christmas stockings, shirts, and/or winter pajamas to make your sewing project instantly cozy and functional. There are so many choices of fabrics that offer both warmth and beauty, so opt for one of those when sewing for winter!



Solids are a major trend in quilting right now. If you want a chic and modern look for your Christmas quilt or winter throw blanket, consider using solids instead of prints. Bright red and forest green will get your point across. So will red and black buffalo plaid. You can also use a blend of colors that bring out the winter and holiday season vibes.

For instance, try red and white to represent candy canes and peppermints, or white with dark or icy blues to evoke a snowy scene. Maroon with a lighter, sage green instead of forest can give your project an instantly updated feel. Mix in some metallic accents, like gold or silver if you’re feeling glitzy. Whatever you do, consider solid winter prints as a solid option for your holiday sewing projects and/or winter quilts.

Lo and Behold Retro Ornaments Quilt Pattern | Little Fabric Shop


Winter Whites

Quilting not your thing? If you’re stitching up clothing instead of bedding this winter, you may want to consider the latest trend in winter fabric styles: winter whites. We know what you’re thinking, but the days of “no white after labor day” are gone. Now, it’s all about the “après-ski” look in luxe whites and creams. From cozy fleece sweaters to stylish jackets, this winter, white is the way to go! And with trendy monochromatic outfits, you can create a look that is all white from head to toe. Stock up on this hot color to look cool all season long. You can wear it for your New Year’s Party, or holiday cocktails Zoom meeting with coworkers.

Winter White Fabric | Peppered Cottons | Shot Cotton | Little Fabric Shop


Peppered Cottons

If you’re already sold on solids but want to bring in more texture, then peppered cottons are the perfect choice for your project. Peppered cottons have a unique appearance. The vertical threads of the fabric contrast with the horizontal threads. The result is an almost heathered look that will make your winter project stand out. Use peppered cottons in your Christmas quilt or winter sweaters for an elegant upgrade.

Shot Cotton | Peppered Cottons | Little Fabric Shop


Whether you are working harder than Santa’s elves to create holiday gifts for your friends and family, or you want to treat yourself to a new Christmas quilt, winter is a wonderful time of year for sewing and crafting. Choose some of these top winter fabric styles, brew yourself some hot cocoa, and get ready to watch the snow fall and craft some beautiful projects by the fireplace. Happy Holidays and happy sewing from Little Fabric Shop!



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