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The New Alison Glass Fabric Collection Release is Here!

The New Alison Glass Fabric Collection Release is Here

It’s no secret that we love Alison Glass fabric here at the Little Fabric Shop. That’s why we’re so excited about the newest fabric styles from this famous fabric designer! If you’re planning a new sewing, home décor, and/or quilting project, check out the latest from Alison Glass, and see if it inspires your creations.


The Newest Alison Glass Fabric


Art Theory Collection 

The Art Theory panel from Alison Glass is beloved by so many at our shop, making it no surprise this fabric collection continues to be a best-seller. Sewers and crafters love the vivid color and whimsical details.

Art Theory Grand Circle | Alison Glass

Now, there’s even more to love. The new Art Theory collection comes in two colorways: day and night. That means, every print comes in a “day” style, with an ivory background, and a “night” style, featuring a charcoal background. This collection also centers on natural motifs. The fabrics feature bright flowers, suns, stars, and butterflies throughout. The beautifully textured neutrals complement the rainbow of colors printed on these fabrics. 

Art Theory Fabric Collection | Alison Glass



Sun Print 2021 Collection 

Sun Print 2021 Fabric Collection | Alison Glass

Alison Glass’s Sun Print 2021 collection is a fun contrast to the designer’s Art Theory collection. This group of trendy fabrics includes floral patterns like Art Theory, but also features eye-catching geometric icons that look like they have been transported from a pixelated video game. This collection is lively, youthful, and modern.

Like the Alison Glass Art Theory collection, the Sun Print collection comes in a bright rainbow of colors. Each pattern has as many as eight colorways! Choose from colorways like Strawberry, Honey Bee, Hydrangea, Lake, Sunshine, and more.

Alison is passionate about the idea of “making choices that are consistent with who a person is,” and that is clear from this collection. With such a variety of colorways to choose from, everyone will be able to find something that is just their style and that can help express who they really are.

Alison Glass Sun Print 2021 is available for pre-order. Customers can choose to order them in two ways: as a fat quarter bundle or as a half yard bundle. When the collection arrives, individual fabrics within the line will be available for yardage cuts.


Other Alison Glass Fabric Collections

Can’t wait for the new fabrics to drop? The Little Fabric Shop already carries many beautiful Alison Glass fabrics to tide you over until the release of the new collections.

Sun Print 2020

If you’re looking forward to the Sun Print 2021 collection coming in January, be sure to check out the original Sun Print 2020 collection! You can pick up a fat quarters bundle for your next quilting project right now: no patience required.

Menagerie in Opal | Sun Print 2020 | Alison Glass

We also have plenty of Alison Glass fabric available by the yard. The Sun Print 2020 collection, for example, comes in three themes: Stitched, Embroidery, and Menagerie (above in Opal). With multiple colorways available in this collection as well, you’ll be able to choose from Dahlia, Mermaid, Peacock, and Jam. Adventurous yet classic, this iteration of the Sun Print collection includes imagery of beetles, lions, cupcakes and keys. The faux embroidery brings a vintage touch to a very modern collection.

Mini Series Quilt Pattern | Alison Glass and Giucy Giuce

Alternatively, if you’re feeling inspired by Alison Glass fabric but don’t have a specific project in mind, consider picking out one of the mini quilt patterns from Alison Glass’s collaboration with Giucy Giuce. This collection of mini quilt patterns includes patterns like the Curved Cabin, the Hexagon Step, the Stretched Geese, and the Pineapple. Whether you are a beginner or looking for more of a challenge, mini quilts are a fun way to learn new quilting techniques and are a great showcase for the vivid colors in Alison Glass fabric.


More About Alison Glass 

Kaleidoscope Stripes and Plaids Fabric Collection | Alison Glass

Alison Glass, an artist from Virginia, has been a professional designer since 2007. Starting out with home remodels and décor, she later transitioned to creating “artwork for surfaces.” Her artistic background is evident in her fabric designs which are bursting with color and filled with beautiful details. Alison lives with her husband and two children and finds inspiration in “the multitude of details in the world, both natural and those made by artisans.”

Clasp Purse in Lichen Stripe Fabric | Kaleidoscope Fabric Collection | Alison Glass

Alison Glass fabrics are very popular in the Little Fabric Shop. Customers love collections like the Alison Glass Kaleidoscope Stripes and Plaids, available in colorways like Thistle, Cloud, Denim, and Lichen (above). These vibrant fabrics sell quickly and often sell out entirely, so you may want to pre-order from the new collections so that you don’t miss out! Here is a peek at some of the new Alison Glass fabrics coming this winter.


Order Today!

Alison Glass’s Art Theory collection released in November of 2020, and Sun Print 2021 will help bring in the new year in early 2021. Either of these collections are sure to bring a lively energy to your projects and brighten up your winter. Be sure to continue watching our blog for updates on all the latest fabric releases, and our shop to snag these prints while they’re in stock!


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