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The Best Sewing Supplies for 2022

The Best Sewing Supplies for 2022 | Essential Sewing Supplies and Notions | Little Fabric Shop Blog

Calling all quilters! We have put together a list of the best sewing supplies for 2022. These are the tools that we just can’t live without. We have put all these items to work and compared them with their competition. In our opinion, these sewing tools are the best in the business. Let’s make 2022 an amazing year of sewing!


2022 Guide to Essential Sewing Supplies


Best Seam Ripper

The Clover Seam Ripper is hands-down the best in the business. And (unfortunately) we have had the opportunity to pick stitches with many of them. We like the weight of the tool. It is light and easy to hold. This tool is just the right size to fit under the tiniest of stitches yet has the strength to remove even the most stubborn threads. As a bonus, this seam ripper will cut a buttonhole perfectly!

Clover Seam Ripper | The Best Sewing Supplies for 2022 | Little Fabric Shop Blog


Best Rotary Cutter

Winner, winner, chicken dinner! The Kai Rotary Cutter is a dream to work with! Whether you are a righty or a lefty, this tool works. It has a great handle that is comfortable to hold. You can even adjust the depth of the cutter for thin or thick fabrics. Combine this cutter with the LDH Scissors Rotary Replacement Blades and you will get tons of mileage out of it!

Kai 45mm Rotary Cutter | The Best Sewing Supplies for 2022 | Little Fabric Shop Blog


Best Hand Sewing Needles

Lori Holt is a leader in both fabric and notion design. The Nifty Needles set is perfect for any hand sewing project. This set includes six different types of needles, all of which are various sizes and lengths. The Nifty Needles include binding, tapestry, sewing, embroidery, chunky, and applique needles. Additionally, the packaging is designed for needle storage. You will always be able to find the right needle for your hand sewing project.

Lori Holt Nifty Needles Set | The Best Sewing Supplies for 2022 | Little Fabric Shop Blog


Best Glue Basting Tool

Pen + Paper Patterns has designed the most amazing glue basting tool! The Fineline® Glue Tips are specially made with quilters in mind. Experience controlled, precise glue placement with the stainless steel 18-gauge applicator. Each glue tip uses an air-tight, non-clogging wire cap closure system that ensures that the glue tip is always ready for immediate use. Even better, it is designed to fit a 4 oz. bottle of Washable Elmer's Glue.

Fineline Glue Basting Tip | Pen + Paper Patterns | The Best Sewing Supplies for 2022 | Little Fabric Shop Blog


Best Seam Guide

Cluck Cluck Sew’s Diagonal Seam Tape is a perfect solution for sewing straight diagonal seams without having to mark any lines! The special washi tape is strong, thin, and removes cleanly after sewing projects. Simply place the tape in front of the feed dogs with the red line in front of the needle as the stitch line. The black lines on either side of the center line represent a perfect 1/4" seam allowance and are a great resource to use when making half square triangles or learning to keep a perfect 1/4". What a game-changer!

Cluck Cluck Sew Diagonal Seam Tape Sewing Guide | The Best Sewing Supplies for 2022 | Little Fabric Shop Blog


Best Specialty Quilting Ruler

Speaking of half square triangles… We love the Creative Grids Half-Square 4-in-1 Triangle Quilt Ruler! Create half-square triangles (HST) in multiple sizes using the same tool. Whichever technique is used in the pattern you choose can be completed with this ruler. Instructions show four different ways to sew HST's. The tool slides easily over the fabric until pressure is applied. The exclusive gripper holds the fabric in place while cutting, eliminating slipping and miss-cuts! It comes with fully illustrated step by step instructions or scan the QR Code printed on the tool to view a video demonstration.

Creative Grids | Half-Square 4-in-1 Triangle Quilt Ruler | The Best Sewing Supplies for 2022 | Little Fabric Shop Blog


Best Spray Starch

Mary Ellen Best Press is our go to spray starch. This is a clear starch alternative with soil guard and wrinkle resister and will make ironing easier. This line is available in a variety of scents and even scent-free. Combine this starch with a misting bottle and you will be pressing seams and removing wrinkles in no time!

Mary Ellen Best Press | The Best Sewing Supplies for 2022 | Little Fabric Shop Blog


Best Pin Basting Tool

Kwik Klip™ is the perfect tool for basting quilts with safety pins. This tool is made with an ergonomic hardwood handle and a solid machined brass tip. Safety pins will open and close effortlessly. It is easier for those with arthritic hands to baste without pain. Insert and remove safety pins faster and easier. The Kwik Klip reduces basting time. It ends bunching, sore fingers, broken fingernails, and pin stabs.

Kwik Klip | The Best Sewing Supplies for 2022 | Little Fabric Shop Blog


Best Work Light

The Slimline 3 Table Light will brighten up you worksurface and making sewing so much easier! This is the third generation of the Daylight Slim line. We love the sleek and narrow design. It easily attaches to your sewing or cutting table. It has excellent spread and diffusion of light. The aluminum shade and long bulb will give your surface area incredible light coverage. This light has 4 brightness levels and it also has flexible joints for perfect positioning.

Slimline 3 Table Lamp | The Best Sewing Supplies for 2022 | Little Fabric Shop Blog


Best Tool to Splurge On

We love the LDH Prism Gift Set! LDH Scissors is an industry leader in creating high quality and beautiful scissors and tools. This family-owned business continues to design and innovate their products annually. This scissor set is a package full of rainbow-colored happiness in a beautiful gift box! These Prism scissors go through a process called electroplating, which fuses a metal coating on the scissors and creates the prism color effect; every pair of scissors has the inside of the blade manually covered so they are not coated. This ensures that the scissors are perfectly aligned and improves the sharpness of the blade.

LDH Scissors Prism Gift Set | The Best Sewing Supplies for 2022 | Little Fabric Shop Blog


Do you have an essential sewing supply? We would love to hear about it! Tag us on Instagram or email us at with all the details!


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