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How to Sew a Personalized Scrunchie

How to Sew a Personalized Scrunchie

Just like bibbed overalls, military-style combat boots, and high-waisted jeans, scrunchies are the latest revisited trend to make a powerful fashion comeback. Scrunchies are a fun way to add a pop of color to your look...and hold your hair securely in place! But did you know that they are also super easy to make yourself? Learning how to sew a scrunchie is an approachable beginner sewing project for all ages. Plus, it’s a great way to use up that last bit of elastic you have left over from making face masks!

If you’ve got 15 minutes and a few basic sewing supplies, you can learn to sew a scrunchie. But be warned: once you get the hang of it, it may be hard to stop at just one! Luckily, these DIY scrunchies make great gifts, and they can be personalized to suit any outfit, event, or holiday

Ready to get crafty? Check out these step-by-step instructions for how to make a custom scrunchie.


Step-by-step Instructions on How to Sew a Scrunchie


Step One: Supplies Needed to Make Scrunchie

How to make a scrunchie supplies | Little Fabric Shop

The first step is to round up your supplies. For this project you will need:

    • ¼” elastic (about 7 or 8 inches)
    • Tape measure or ruler
    • Scissors and a marking tool (or a rotary cutter and a cutting mat)
    • straight pins
    • one safety pin
    • ⅛ yard of fabric (or a fat quarter)
    • a needle (or a sewing machine)
    • matching thread
    • a steam iron

    Quilting cotton is recommended for beginners, but for a more classic 90s look you can also use something like velour. Fabrics with a silky texture can work as well, and since this project is so quick and easy, you can feel free to experiment a little. Sewing a personalized scrunchie is all about expressing yourself, so have fun finding the perfect solid or print fabric for you!


    Step Two: Cut Fabric & Elastic for Scrunchie

    Cut out a strip of fabric that is 3 1/2 inches wide and 22 inches long. If you’re using a rotary cutter and cutting mat, let the mat be your guide. If you are using fabric scissors, make sure to outline the correct area with your marking tool and ruler. Additionally, cut elastic to 8".

    Use a Rotary Cutter to Cut Fabric Strips for Scrunchie


    Step Three: Iron Short Edges

    Using your steam iron, iron down ¼ inch of each end of the fabric strip so that the wrong sides are touching each other. You should now have a very skinny tab on each end of the strip. The point of this is to form creases, which will be helpful guides for you later.

    Iron Short Edges of Scrunchie Fabric


    Step Four: Pin Fabric

    Unfold the tabs you just made so that the fabric strip is flat again. Fold the strip in half lengthwise with the right sides touching each other. You should now be looking at a 1 ½” X 22” rectangle, with the wrong side facing outward. Use straight pins down the length of the fabric to hold it in place.

    How to Pin Scrunchie Fabric


    Step Five: Pin Elastic

    Use straight pins to pin the elastic onto the folded strip of fabric. The elastic should be centered, with the cut edge of the elastic lining up with the cut edge of the fabric. 

    Pin elastic along one short edge of scrunchie fabric


    Step Six: Sew on Elastic

    Sew the elastic onto the folded fabric strip, using the ¼ inch crease you made in step three as a guide. Use a straight, tight stitch type. A sewing machine will make quick work of this, but it is an easy project to hand sew if you prefer. Make sure to backstitch over the elastic so that the seam stays intact when the elastic is stretched. 

    Please Note: We are using contrasting thread so that seams are seen in photos. For your project, use a coordinating thread color with your fabric to hide stitches.

    Sew elastic to one short edge of scrunchie fabric


    Step Seven: Sew Along Long Edge of Fabric

    Sew a straight line down the length of the fabric strip, again staying ¼ inch away from the cut edge. You should now have a long fabric tube with one end open and one end (the end with the elastic) sewed shut.

    Sew along long edge of fabric


    Step Eight: Attached Safety Pin to Loose End of Elastic & Then Turn Fabric Right-Side-Out

    Pin the safety pin onto the end of the elastic. Turn the fabric tube inside out. To make this easier, try using a pen or a straw to help push the fabric out. Then, scrunch up the fabric and guide the safety pin with the elastic through the tube and pull it out the other side.

    Attach Safety Pin to Loose End of Elastic Prior to Turning


    Step Nine: Sew End of Elastic To Sewn Edge

    Take the free end of the elastic and sew it onto the closed end of the scrunchie tube. Take the still-open end of the tube and fold it back down to the ¼ inch crease you made in step three.

    Sew Elastic to Sewn Edge of Scrunchie



    Step Ten: Wrap Open Edge Over Sewn Edge of Tube and Sew to Finish

    Pull the open end of the tube up so that it covers the closed end of the tube and the visible elastic. Sew both sides of the tube together in a straight line across all four layers of fabric (and the elastic). Again make sure to do some backstitching so that the elastic doesn’t come loose later.

    Final Step to create a Handmade Scrunchie


    Say hello to Your Personalized Scrunchie!

    That’s it! Go ahead and take a minute to try on your new trendy, DIY scrunchie. Pretty stylin’, right? If you’re looking for a way to add a little more bling, try personalizing your scrunchie even further by adding bows, pom poms, or even bedazzling it with some rhinestones. Add a plaid flannel shirt and you’ll be ready to hit the roller rink or hang out in the front row at a Spice Girls concert!

    Now that you know how to sew a scrunchie, there’s nothing stopping you from making one for every occasion. Need some inspiration? The Little Fabric Shop has you covered, whether you’re looking for a throwback vibe or something more modern. Check out our fabric selection today!

    DIY How to Make Sew A Scrunchi

    Fabric Used: Assorted Alison Glass Fabrics

    Elastic Used: White Spandex 1/4 inch Elastic


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