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Gifts for Sewists this Holiday Season 2021

Gifts for Sewists this Holiday Season 2021 | Little Fabric Shop Gift Guide

Wondering what Santa can bring to the quilter in your life? We’ve got the list! Welcome to the 2021 Holiday Gift Guide from Little Fabric Shop. The holiday season is upon us and now is the perfect time to spoil the person that sews in your life with beautiful sewing notions. These sewing gifts were selected for their design, function and beauty and are not found at just any sewing shop.


Stocking Stuffers


These smaller sized gifts will easily fit in a stocking. Each of these tiny notions are useful to people that sew. They also add just a little something extra to put a smile on your loved ones face Christmas morning.

Embroidery Scissors The Snappy Red Embroidery Scissors work great for hand-sewing projects and snipping threads while using the sewing machine. The red handles add a festive and fun element to this charming sewing notion. And they even come in adorable packaging – no wrapping needed!

Snappy Red Embroidery Scissors


Cohana Glass Sewing Pins in Cherry Wood Box Cohana is a Japanese company that creates high-quality tools with a practical and modern design. Made with craftsmanship for traditional Japanese crafts, they carefully select materials for their beautiful products. The Glass Sewing Pins in a Cherry Wood Box is no exception. Each box contains 30 pins, featuring color-coordinated translucent and opaque glass pinheads. Pins are supple yet durable and are manufactured in Hiroshima, a city with a 300-year history of high-quality needle production.

Cohana Glass Sewing Pins in Cherry Wood Box


Cohana Needle Threader The Cohana Needle Threader will add a little glamor to your sewing tools collection. The beaded plumb flower knot symbolizes good luck, tight bonds, and the repelling of evil. The result is a lovely-looking threader that adds a unique touch to your handicraft tools.

Cohana Needle Threader


Cohana Mini Scissors These scissors are just precious. They are the perfect travel companion for on the road sewing and also TSA approved. The silk tassel and leather sleeve continue the Cohana tradition of producing high-quality work.

Cohana Mini Scissors - Ivory


Zipper Pulls Ruby Star Society has created the most adorable zipper pulls. They have taken some of their most popular fabric designs and extended them to this fun new line. Coordinate them with their fabric or just add a little something extra to a sewing project.

Ruby Star Society Zipper Pulls


Liberty Retractable Tape Measure Give your crafting kit a touch of character with this Liberty print measuring tape. It is decorated with the Primula Dawn print. The tape features both imperial and metric measurements, ideal for creative projects of all kinds.

Liberty of London Retractable Tape Measure


Cohana Hand Sewing Needle Set Cohana brings us another delightful sewing notion. This set comes in a capped paper tube tasseled with Kanagawa silk and gold thread. These needles are for light to medium weight cloth. The set contains 8 needles – 2 each of 4 needle sizes.

Cohana Hand Sewing Needle Set


Wool Finger Pincushion These sweet ring pin cushions are just the perfect size for wearing while stitching! It so helpful to keep needles safely nested and storing needles here when stitching which makes it super-easy to find it again.

Felted Wool Pincushion Finger Ring


Cohana Magnetic Spool Pin Holder This durable, spool-shaped pin holder from Cohana contains a strong magnet to store pins, needles, and paperclips neatly. Fired at a low temperature by expert craftsmen, Hasami Magnetic Pin Holders boast a luster and texture reminiscent of ancient pottery and embody the wabi-sabi spirit of simple, rustic elegance. Each pin holder is finished with a colorful glaze to resemble a real spool of thread.

Magnetic Spool Pin Holder Cohana


LDH Imperial Dragon Phoenix Scissors With a dragon and phoenix molded on the handles, the LDH Imperial Scissors feature an engineered button and ultra-sharp blades! The blades are handcrafted from heavy-duty stainless steel and are put together by hand. They will add charm and elegance to a sewing notion collection.

LDH Imperial Dragon Phoenix Scissors


Sewing Gift Sets

Tools are such an important part of beautiful sewing. Having a collection of quality tools makes a difference in the construction, accuracy and the final product of any sewing project. Little Fabric Shop has a lovely selection of sewing gift sets that any sewist will adore.


Hiro Small Sewing Box This sweet set is perfect for quick repairs when traveling. Filled with black and white cotton thread, scissors, needles and an adorable pincushion, the Hiro Small Sewing Box will fit easily into a toiletry kit to make surprise repairs quick.

Hiro Small Sewing Box


Hand Sewing Kit Little Fabric Shop has created this exclusive Hand Sewing Kit with all the high-quality tools to make sewing projects a breeze. A felted wool bag is filled with hand sewing thread, Cohana needles, LDH thread snips, Sew Fine thread gloss, Cohana glass head pins, and a felted wool finger thimble. All these tools fit neatly in the bag that can be easily carried to your sewists comfy chair to work on his or her next sewing project.

Little Fabric Shop Hand Sewing Kit


LDH Midnight Edition Scissors Set This scissor set is a package full of Midnight Edition scissors in LDH Scissor's signature Midnight coating all wrapped up in a beautiful gift box! The Midnight Edition Fabric Shears are an industrial-grade, professional tool handcrafted by scissor-masters. The set includes a 9” Midnight Edition Fabric Shear, a 9” Midnight Edition Pinking Shear, and the Midnight Edition Thread Snip.

LDH Midnight Edition Scissors et


LDH Prism Edition Scissors Set This scissor set is rainbow-colored happiness in a beautiful gift box! These Prism scissors go through a process called electroplating, which fuses a metal coating on the scissors and creates the prism color effect; every pair of scissors has the inside of the blade manually covered so they are not coated. This ensures that the scissors are perfectly aligned and improves the sharpness of the blade. This set includes a 9.5” Prism Fabric Shear, a 9” Prism Pinking Shear, and the Prism Thread Snip.

LDH Prism Edition Scissors Set


Beautiful Sewing Tools

We find sewing a joyful experience. From selecting a project, choosing a pattern, deciding on fabric, creating the sewing piece, and then sharing it with loved ones, brings cheer to everyone. To celebrate your sewist, these are our most beautiful sewing tools and will put a smile on his or her face.

Cohana Otaro Kiriko Pin Cushion A beautiful pincushion from Cohana set with 10 color-coordinated glass sewing pins. The glass container is handcrafted in Otaru, Hokkaido by artisans for a one-of-a-kind pincushion in the shape of a plump flowerpot, complete with a matching needle-felted cushion.

Cohana Otaro Kiriko Pin Cushion


Handmade Gradient Pincushions Our handmade Gradient Pincushions are a favorite among tailors. They are designed to fit neatly in the throat or along the front of your sewing machine. We have even had a quilter attach it to her design wall! Our pincushions are sewn with high quality designer quilting cotton, cotton canvas, and filled with wool.

Gradient Pincushion from Little Fabric Shop


Cohana Silk Braid Snips Traditional Japanese Methods + Contemporary Design. These well-crafted snips are made one at a time by artisans who do not compromise on quality. This renowned Japanese company (Shozaburo) has been forging scissors for over 300 years. These gorgeous snips come in a cute little box and will make a wonderful gift.

Cohana Silk Braid Snips


Gift Card  Want to make sure your sewing gift is just perfect and have your sewist choose it out on their own? We’ve got you covered with a Gift Card!


We are giddy with excitement for the holidays! There is snow much fun to look forward to. If you need any help at all, please reach out and we are happy to assist you in shopping for the perfect gift for someone that sew at . Happy Sewing!


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