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Gift Giving Guide For Someone Who Sews

Gift Giving Guide for Someone Who Sews

It’s that magical time of year again! There is a crisp coolness in the air, the leaves are changing, and the holidays are right around the corner. 

If you have a loved one in your life that adores sewing, this sewing gift guide is for you! We’ve compiled a list of notions and materials any sewing enthusiast would love to add to their craft room. 

Read on for a sewing holiday gift guide to help you navigate the creative, colorful world of sewing. 


Classic Sewing Essentials 

Any sewing enthusiast will tell you that one of their most-appreciated gifts isn’t an item they’ll use once a year but tried-and-true, high-quality essentials that they’ll use on every single project! 

Whether you’re giving to a seasoned sewer or a sewing newbie, these sewing essentials will be a crowd-pleaser. Put together a fun gift basket or stuff their stocking with these classic items—all available in our shop!


Hand Sewing Kit

Perfect for the on-the-go sewer in your life, our Hand Sewing Kit has everything they’ll need for quick repairs and alterations, or even to whip up small hand-sewn projects while they travel! This handy kit contains:


Hand Sewing Kit for Someone who Sews

  1. A Wool Felt Bag 
  2. LDH Thread Snips
  3. Tulip Glass Head Pins
  4. Cohana Sewing Needles
  5. Sew Fine Thread
  6. YLI Hand Sewing Cotton Thread
  7. Felted Wool Pin Cushion

    Cutting Tools

    We have a variety of cutting tools available in our shop that we couldn’t, in good conscience, leave off of our sewing gift guide. But our top pick has to be this pair of stunning, hand-made snips with silk braid-wrapped handle.  

    Cohana Silk Wrapped Sewing Snips | Little Fabric Shop 

    These one-of-a-kind snips are from Shozaburo, a Japanese company with over 300 years of experience forging scissors. A pair can last a lifetime, with handles carefully protected by the same type of iga braid that has been used in Japanese armor-making for over 13,000 years. Choose from a variety of braid colors, each with the same super-comfy, silky-soft grip. The blades of each snip are protected in a buttery leather sheath.
    Bonus: these snips also come in a super cute little box that’s perfect for gift-wrapping!



    Measure twice, cut once! Having a set of quality rulers to rely on is absolutely essential for any sewing enthusiast. We offer transparent rulers with measuring and cutting templates to help simplify the measuring process for beginners and experienced sewers, alike. 

    Creative Grips 6 inch Ruler | Little Fabric Shop

    Is your loved one a quilting aficionado? One of our top-selling rulers for quilters is the Creative Grids Quilting Ruler!



    When you need to hold fabric together without pins, Clover Wonder Clips are the best option around! Quilters love to use them for holding down binding. Unlike pins, clips won’t put holes in leather or other delicate fabrics.  Clover Binding Clips | Little Fabric Shop

    Clover Wonder Clips have been adopted by quilters, beaders, and scrapbookers of all stripes. They make a useful gift for any sewer or home crafter, so we just had to add them to our sewing holiday gift guide!


    Pattern Books

    Another great gift for the sewing enthusiast in your life is a pattern book. This allows them to choose the exact fabrics they’d like to use to create many different quilts, bags, or accessories. The creative options are endless!

    Noodlehead | Everyday Essentials Pattern Book

    We are super excited about the Noodlehead Everyday Essentials Pattern Booklet. This collection contains patterns for three modern accessories:

    1. Wool + Wax Tote
    2. Petal Pouch (two sizes)
    3. Minimalist Wallet (two sizes)

    The booklet is packed with full-color photographs and step-by-step instructions that are perfect for the beginning sewer!


    High-Quality Fabrics

    Fabric is one of those things a sewing lover absolutely can’t get enough of! Especially during the holidays when they might have a bit of time off work and are planning all their winter projects. We crafters get excited by new, fun, and beautiful patterns we see all the time. But one thing’s missing...the fabric!


    Quilting Cotton

    One of the most versatile fabrics you can purchase for a sewer is called quilting cotton.

    Golden Aster Fabric Collection | Little Fabric Shop

    Quilting cotton is made from 100% cotton and is a favorite in the sewing community because it holds its shape even after washing. This fabric type is often preferred for quilt making, home decor, bag making, and other common craft projects.  

    Not sure which fabric type is right for the sewing hobbyist in your life? Ask them their favorite color or fabric designer! Our fabric shop is organized by color and designer, so you can easily locate a fabric they’ll love. 


    Fabric Bundles

    We also have pre-cut fabric bundles that are perfect for the beginning quilter and contain complementary fabrics paired to look great together!

    Strawberry Fields Rifle Paper Company | Little Fabric Shop Some of our favorites for the holiday season include the Snow Much Fun Collection and the Hibernate Collection from Dashwood Studio. These bundles are perfect for whimsical family sewing projects! 


    Staying Organized

    Staying organized is one of the challenges sewists have to face. With so many fun tools and accessories, it’s no wonder organization is one of those things that can fall to the wayside! 

    Luckily, we’ve got you covered with a few fun gifts to help the sewing enthusiast in your life stay happy and organized.


    Sew Together Bag

    The Sew Together Bag is the ultimate organizational tool for sewers because this bag has four built-in compartments and three zippered pockets for their individual crafting needs. 

    Sew Together Bag | Sketchbook Fabric | Little Fabric shop

    Your loved one can store all of their common sewing tools in one convenient carry-all! Best of all, the Sew Together Bag is made with a gorgeous Summer House Fabric from Liberty of London & Riley Blake Designs, making it practical and beautiful.

    No sewing holiday gift guide would be complete without a “gift bag”. Tuck some tools, fabrics, and pattern books in the Sew Together Bag for an envy-inspiring sewing grab bag—just add a bow!


    Petal Pouch

    Another great option to help them stay organized is the Petal Pouch. 

    Petal Pouch | Little Fabric Shop

    Our simple, large Petal Pouch is the perfect catch-all for sewing tools, knitting needles, and crochet hooks. It can be added to the Sew Together Bag as an extra organizational component or gifted by itself!


    Magnetic Spool Holder

    A fun and practical organizational hack for the sewer who has everything? Our handy Magnetic Spool Holder

    Magnetic Pin Holder Spool | Cohana | Little Fabric Shop gifts 

    This spool comes in a variety of colors and can be used to keep push pins and sewing needles right where you need them—NOT on the floor or in the hands of your toddler!

    We know that sometimes it’s difficult to find sharp pins and needles on your work surface, which is why this spool holder comes with a powerful magnet to pick up these materials and keep them secure while you work. This is a safe, effective way to keep a work surface in top-notch shape. 


    Sewing Holiday Gift Guide

    Whether the sewing enthusiast you know and love needs some sewing essentials, quality fabric for their next project, or a little organizational assistance, Little Fabric Shop is your one-stop-shop for all things crafty. 

    Check out our blog for more great crafting content. 


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