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DIY Gifts to Sew for Dad for Father's Day

DIY Gifts to Sew for Dad for Father's Day
Whether he built you a treehouse or cooked smiley face breakfasts out of fried eggs and bacon, your dad has probably made you a lot of things over the years. This Father’s Day, return the favor by giving your dad a DIY gift of your own! Here are our six favorite gifts to sew for Dad for Father’s Day—all suitable for beginner sewers to pros.


Gifts to sew for dad.


1. DIY Necktie for Father’s Day

DIY Gifts to Sew for Dad for Father's Day | Little Fabric Shop


Let’s just get the most popular gift for Father’s Day out of the way...a necktie! Your dad can never have too many, so why not sew your old man a necktie? 
The finished tie from this pattern has three different size options: Narrow 2", Standard 3 ¼", Extra Long. You will need 1 yard of fabric, interlining, and 1/8-yard fabric for fussy cutting at the points. If you’re not sure which fabric to use, Paisley - Yellow from Dashwood Studio’s new Silk Roads collection is a fun update to classic paisley patterns, and Adele - Burnt Orange from Cotton + Steel Fabrics would look great as a trendy floral tie. But if your goofy dad loves novelty ties--perhaps a fun pattern like Farm Days - Cows, Trinket - Night, or Paper Cuts - Snip Snip could do the trick!

2. Mason Zipper Pouch DIY Father’s Day Gift

    DIY Gifts to Sew for Dad for Father's Day | Little Fabric Shop 
    The Mason Zipper Pouch (named after Dad’s favorite TV detective, Perry Mason) is a great place for your dad to store anything he wants! Whether he needs a place to keep loose nuts and bolts or his collection of cufflinks, this versatile pouch is a great gift to sew for Dad. 
    This pattern comes in two sizes so you can choose which size will best fit your dad’s needs (or just make him one of each!) We think it would look amazing in any of the Peppered Cottons from Studio E Fabrics.

    3. DIY Apron for Men

      DIY Gifts to Sew for Dad for Father's Day | Little Fabric Shop 
      Whether your father considers himself a BBQ grillmaster, a gourmet chef, or a gardener extraordinaire, this multi-purpose apron is the perfect gift to sew for Dad! Whenever he suits up for his favorite hobby, he will do it in style with this customized apron.
      This pattern calls for a few basic sewing supplies—a rotary cutter, pins, thread‚—and it will be the most durable if you make it with a heavyweight fabric like twill, denim, or canvas. We think Essex Linen Canvas Yarn Dyed - Black from Robert Kaufman would look especially striking as an apron!

      4. DIY Hammock

        DIY Gifts to Sew for Dad for Father's Day | Little Fabric Shop 
        Your hardworking father deserves some time to relax, which is why this simple summer hammock pattern makes a great homemade gift for Dad! String it up between two trees in the backyard this Father’s Day and let Pops take a well-earned nap. 
        For the required 40” x 80” of fabric, we recommend looking through Alison Glass’s Kaleidescope Stripes & Plaids collection. Stripes - Charcoal or Plaids - Denim would both be great choices. Or, for something a little sturdier, Dot-to-Dot Barkcloth from Cloud9 Fabrics would also look great as Dad’s personal hammock!

        5. Magnetic Tool Wristband for Dads

          DIY Gifts to Sew for Dad for Father's Day | Little Fabric Shop

          If you’re looking for an outside-the-box gift to sew for Dad, look no further than this magnetic tool wristband. If your dad likes to fix things around the house or do his own car repairs, this wristband magnetically holds onto nails and screws to keep them easily accessible. What a handy gift for your favorite handyman!
          This pattern shows you how to modify a sports sweatband with refrigerator magnets, glue, and just a little hand sewing, so it is a very beginner-friendly gift to sew for Dad. Just don’t forget to choose some matching thread!

          6. Gift Card Wallet For Father’s Day

            DIY Gifts to Sew for Dad for Father's Day | Little Fabric Shop
            If you’re really stuck, of course you can always get your dad a gift card to his favorite store or a “universal gift card” (a classic dad joke that translates to cash). If that kind of Father’s Day gift feels a little impersonal though, you can always dress it up with one of these gift card wallets from Eloominate Designs! 
            For this gift to sew for dad, you will need two pieces of 8” x 5” fabric: one for the exterior and one for the interior. You can always use the same fabric for interior and exterior, but it’s fun to use a contrasting color for the inside! That way you can customize this gift card wallet with your pop’s favorite color combo. For example, Century Solids Sapphire and Saphron for a fan of the LA Rams, or Redwood and Cottonball for a Cornell graduate. 
            Dads do so much for us. We hope you found the perfect gift to sew for Dad to tell him “thank you” for everything he does! Check out our shop for all the fabric and notions you need for homemade Father’s Day gifts.

            DIY Gifts to Sew for Dad for Father's Day


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