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15 Quality, Must-have Sewing Notions for Quilters

15 Quality, Must-have Sewing Notions for Quilters | Little Fabric Shop Blog Post

Is there nothing you’d rather do on a chilly fall evening than cozy up with your current quilt-in-progress? Or, do you love someone that fits this creative, crafty description? Then this list of must-have sewing notions for quilters is for you! 

Here at The Little Fabric Shop, we understand crazy quilters perfectly—because we are crazy quilt ladies! And we want to make your life easier. So, we rounded up 15 notions that belong in the sewing room of any die-hard quilter. Each of these high-quality products would make a great gift for a quilter--or a great treat for yourself! 

We’ve included all our favorites from our own shop, plus a few cool gadgets that we’ve come across and love. Read through our top picks below.


1. Clover Wonder Clips

    Are you still using safety pins to hold your quilt layers together while you attach the binding? If so, it may be time for an upgrade. Binder clips are a super handy sewing notion for quilters! They are quick and easy to use, plus, they don’t leave any holes in your fabric. Once you try them, you’ll never want to go back!

    Clover Wonder Clips | Little Fabric Shop Notion


    2. Foundation Paper Piecing Kit

    If you’ve always wanted to try creating intricate quilting designs with the foundation paper piecing technique, then this kit has everything you need to get started! With these two rulers, tweezers, and a seam roller, soon you’ll be a foundation paper piecing pro.

    Foundation Paper Piecing Kit from Little Fabric Shop


    3. Gradient Pincushion

      This gradient pincushion is a favorite quilter’s notion that you can only find here, at the Little Fabric Shop. Each colorful pincushion is made by hand and is designed to fit perfectly in the throat of your sewing machine, although one happy customer told us that she attached it directly to her design wall! We carry this pincushion in several different colorways, using fabric from popular designers like Alison Glass, so check out all the pincushions in our shop to find your favorite!

      Gradient Pincushion | Little Fabric Shop


      4. Clover Natural Fit Leather Thimble

      If you, like many quilters, prefer to attach your quilt binding by hand, then a high-quality thimble is a must. We like that this leather thimble from Clover is shaped to fit your finger, so you are comfortably protected. This thimble is also unique because the seams are all on top, meaning you can use the thimble to push the needle from any direction.

      Clover Leather Thimble


      5. Sweet ‘n Sharp Macaron Needle Sharpener

      Wow, these needle sharpeners look good enough to eat! The Sweet ‘n Sharp Macaron Needle Sharpener makes your dull needles good-as-new, so you can sew through multiple quilt layers with ease. These sewing notions for quilters are super handy, and they look adorable in your sewing room!

      Clover Macaron Needle Sharpener


      6. Cohana Hand Sewing Needle Set

      If you sew your quilts by hand, then this set of high-quality hand sewing needles are essential. These needles set themselves apart because they are ground vertically, a feature that decreases friction with the fabric. The elegant packaging also makes this set a great gift for a quilter!

      Cohana Hand Sewing Needles


      7. Clover Seam Ripper

      Quilting can be a very precise craft, which means that you’re bound to make mistakes here and there. It happens to the best of us! When that time comes, we recommend this easy-to-hold seam ripper from Clover. Check out the notions section of our shop to add this must-have sewing notion for quilters to your sewing box.

      Clover Seam Ripper


      8. Quilting Calculator

      When you started out quilting, did you ever imagine that there would be so much math involved? If you ever get tripped up trying to convert measurements or calculate yardage, then a specialized quilting calculator might just be the answer you’ve been looking for!

      Quilting Calculator


      9. Cohana Snips

      These thread snips are a real luxury item for quilters. The company, Shozaburo, is renowned for their scissors, which they have been making for over 300 years. Each pair of snips is individually handcrafted by these Japanese artisans, so you know that you are getting a sewing notion of the highest quality. Plus, they come in a leather case and decorative box, so they make an excellent gift for a particularly discerning quilter.

      Cohana Silk Threaded Snips


      10. Creative Grids Quilt Ruler

      A clear ruler is a must-have sewing notion for quilters! When paired with a rotary cutter, you can cut your quilt pieces with a level of precision you’ve never before dreamed of. We love this quilt ruler from Creative Grids because of its grippy sides that glide over your fabric but hold firm once you apply pressure.

      Creative Grids Quilt Ruler


      11. Midnight Edition Rotary Cutter

      This rotary cutter is truly a top-tier quilting tool. In product tests, single blades often lasted over 500 hours before needing replacement! Sharp enough to cut through multiple layers of fabric at once, a Midnight Edition Rotary Cutter is a must-have sewing notion for beginner and expert quilters alike.

      Midnight Black Rotary Cutter | LDH Scissors


      12. Mini-iron

      Quilting is a traditional craft that has been practiced for centuries, but if you’re open to trying a really fun, 21st-century gadget, we recommend this mini-iron from Clover. This tiny contraption lets you iron out even the smallest crevices of your quilt, plus it can be used for biases and appliques.

      Clover Mini Iron


      13. Grabaroos Quilting Gloves

      These gloves are made especially for quilting (though they are great for other crafts too!). The grippy fingertips keep your quilt and quilting tools firmly in your hands, preventing disastrous slippage. Grab a pair of Grabaroos, for yourself and all your quilting friends!

      Grab A Roos Quilting Gloves


      14. Point 2 Point Ruler

      The Point 2 Point Ruler may look like a simple piece of plastic, but it’s actually a multi-purpose sewing notion for quilters! This tool can be used for point turning, fine detail work, pressing seams, or marking fabric. Think of all the space you’ll save in your sewing box with just this one tool!

      Clover Point-2-Point Marking Tool


      15. Wool Pin Cushion Ring

      When you want to keep a few pins on hand, try this unique sewing notion for quilters: a Wool Pin Cushion Ring! This wearable notion is as useful as it is stylish. Keep your pins nearby by sticking them into the pin cushion ring, so you can quickly quilt without anything slowing you down.

      Finger Pin Cushion

      We don’t know about you, but we are getting excited to try out some new sewing notions for quilters! With these tools, your quilting will surely be better and easier than ever before. Find these high-quality notions, quilt patterns, quilting fabric, and more, at The Little Fabric Shop.


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